Immortal Knights

The Birth of the Immortal Knights

In reality, the Immortal Knights started within the first three months I started Sherwood. It was about 2006 when I started. I was only 9 years old and had 10 members in my clan. But after about a week I became inactive. Then when I came back to Sherwood, I saw my members. That gave me the hope I needed to start IK in the future. After a couple of clans that I went through and had fun in, I wanted the clan of my dreams still. I wanted IK. I started IK once again in 2010. It started with an idea of mine, and I got that idea from IR and KO. The idea was to make a clan that was filled with great fighters who will never quit (KO), but still have anyone welcome (IR). How did I do this? I put the normal members page that every clan has, but I added a group of great fighters that will never back down, the Immortals. I tried to first start this clan with some great sherwood players named Bullet, Destroyer, and Kitty. After about 4 days, Bullet left, and Kitty wasn't very active, destroyer was very loyal, he was in it to the end, but I gave up hope. I then joined IR. I learned a lot in IR, like how to fight and more. I was in IR for a good amount of time, I really like it there, but then Spite offered me to join MoW. I didn't want to quit IR, but I really wanted to try out MoW because Spite seemed like a good and loyal guy. It was goin good in MoW, then Spite quit. I was kind of bummed out, but then I saw the oportunity to lead my dream clan again, the Immortal Knights, but this time I had the some loyal members from MoW to help me out(WarSlayer, Bethers and Princess-Rein). Now here I am, writing this story because warrioresta told me about the idea of writing stories about the clan. Warrioresta isn't with the clan anymore, but still is, and always will be, a contributer of the Immortal Knights for giving me this great idea of writing stories for the clan. Thank you. I wrote this awhile ago and didn't want to change it because it is the truth about the old IK. So, for an update. I gave up on IK once again, and joined my old friend, Dom's clan: UwC. It was really fun for awhile, then I went on vacation for a week. When I came back they had made enemies with DW and IS, and many people were leaving. I remembered how this happened in multple of my old clans that died (I left, then the clan fell apart). Those old clans were SWP, IR, and now it was happening to UwC. I told myself that I wouldn't let what happened to SWP and IR happen to UwC, and I worked hard to help out in making this happen. But on that vacation I changed... I didn't want to trash talk people anymore, or even do anything that can possible considered bad... I wanted to be purely respectful and kind, and UwC wasn't exactly that kind of clan, so I left. Of course they were sad that I was leaving because a lot was falling apart at that time, but I couldn't take all the trashing and unkindness in UwC. Dom said that he would change UwC, and we argued for about 2 days about this and how he would change UwC. The whole time during these 2 days I was thinking of phrasing what I wanted from a clan to tell Dom that UwC wasn't going to work, and while this happened, one of UwC's best contributing member, Galaxy/Crusher left. I was really sad about this, so I tried even harder to phrase what I wanted to say to Dom to explain how UwC wouldn't work and then about at the end of the 2nd day I said, what I said above: "I didn't want to trash talk people anymore, or even do anything that can possible considered bad... I wanted to be purely respectful and kind." Dom said that he tried this with an old clan of his, but I can't remember the name, but I do remember him saying that it didn't work because no one joined because there was too much rules, or it was not fun, or it was dull... something like that. I said I don't think that will happen to IK because I will never give up untill my dream of IK being one of the biggest clans in sherwood and most people in sherwood living up to the rules of IK in game and out comes true. Dom then continued with his clan UwC as I went to take on a big challenge that I have failed at many times before... Build IK. Quick update... Runz~It left the clan, so I have to now lead IK alone once again... If anyone reading this wants to attempt to lead IK with me, I will accept their offer, but if you fail to follow the rules of IK you will either get a warning, be demoted, or be kicked out of the clan depending on the circumstances of the rules you broke. Update... Swagger joined and is very good at recruiting and leading. IK is getting pretty big now, we got 27 members already and it hasn't even been a full month yet. Update... Swagger left, and so did all of his recruits. That brang us down to 11 members. IK is still alive, but were are lacking in activity. I am still, and hope to always be, dedicated to IK. Update... Goku left, and I took a break from Sherwood for a little, but I'm back now and I am going to be more active. Update... so everyone's been pretty inactive, but I'm getting a lot more active now. I reset the members page and asked everyone to sign the gb to tell me if they're still active or not... no one's signed it for 3 days. Hopefully that changes soon though. Update... Bored and War came in right after the last update, its 12/16/2011 today and I just came back from about a 2 or 3 week break. Bored and War have been awesome. Most active players in sherwood don't know about IK and I find myself having to repeat to the same people what it is. As you can tell IK is pretty inactive and not so well known. I'm still with IK though. Hopefully a good leader comes around like Swagger and brings IK to the top, but the best way to find something is if you go out and look instead of waiting for it to come to you, so I'll try more of that. I don't really care if I see IK at its peak in history, as long as it is as big as DV or KS's(or was when I left for the 2-3 week break) my goal with IK will be met. Update 3/3/2012... Bascially been inactive for a long time, I came back for a little and revived the IK group to join CK, then went on another break, then came back and wrote this after a couple days of sherwood.

Why is it called the Immortal Knights?

As you all know, no one is really immortal, so why did I name this clan the Immortal Knights? The answer to this is a metaphor. I named it the Immortal Knights because of two reasons. 1; Our loyalty is never ending (Immortal as in never ending loyalty). 2; Hopefully, if eveyrone follows the rules, we will all go to heaven and live eternal life (Immortal as in never ending life). Of course the last part (Knights) is obvious why I added that, but is it? Most people think it's because we fight in a game that have armor and swords and shields, just like knights. If you want to go deeper, than I added knights to the end of immortal because we are fighting our instincts of taking the easy way out of everything and being consumed by darkness, we embrace the light no matter how many battles we have to fight to get to it. We help others as knights stand united. Hence forth WE ARE THE IMMORTAL KNIGHTS! WE STAND UNITED, FIGHTING OFF EVIL AND WE NEVER STOP FIGHTING IN THE ENDLESS WAR OF LIFE.

The Legend of the Dungeon King (fake but cool story)

Millions of years ago, somewhere unmapped a dark wizard casted a spell to put 500 warriors in a dungeon on an deserted island. The war began, people screamed and shouted, one after the other people fell to the ground, after 24 hours of fighting one man stood, he is now known as the Dungeon King, he climbed up the stairs to the entrance of the dungeon, the gate suddenly opened. The Dungeon King walked out the bloody dungeon and saw the dark wizard far infront of him, then the wizard's staff started to glow as he moved it in a up ward motion, thousands of skeletons raised from the ground before the Dungeon King, he looked up, and down from the sky a bolt of pure white lightning came down from heaven, the Dungeon King's armor suddenly turned gold, engraved in the blade of his sword was "The Protector Of Light" he went into the fray, slashing up the skeletons one by one, after awhile of hacking up skeletons none more stood, he  saw the wizard open a portal, and out through the portal came a skeleton that stood 100 ft tall, his warhammer was 50 ft long, the top part was 25 ft  on all sides. 10,000  skeletons down, one big skeleton to go. The Dungeon King waited for the huge skeleton to attack first, when he did, he swung his massive hammer over his head and smashed it to the ground, the Dungeon King ran to his right and dodged it, then he climbed up the cracks in the top part of the skeleton's hammer and made it on top of the hammer, he ran up the skeleton's right arm, the skeleton switched his weapon to his left hand swung his hammer at his right arm, the Dungeon King dodged it once again and went on the skeleton's left hand and pryed the hammer out of the skeleton's hand, the Dungeon King landed with the hammer behind him, he used all his might, his armor shined so bright that the skeleton couldn't see him to grab him, and the Dungeon King swung the massive hammer right into the skeleton's chest, and crushed it. The Dungeon King noticed the wizard wasn't far, so he charged at him, as he was running the wizard summoned ten 10 ft crystal balls around him, right before he was in range to slash the wizard, a black beam shot out from the crystal balls, he couldn't see, he struggled, but was able to make one last step forward, he swung his blade infront of him hoping he would hit the dark wizard... the pain stopped, he could see, he look at his feet... there it was, the dark wizard. The Dungeon King turned around and saw a old man lying by the dungeon entrance, he ran over and helped him up. The old man said "Thank you" and he turned out to be a very wise man, he taught Dungeon King much about very important things, but I cannot tell you these things, only the Dungeon King knows now. Dungeon-King will keep fighting untill he finds what he's looking for, and that I can't tell you that either.  :)


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Life Lesson

Two trees grew on a hill, one blocked the other from the sunlight. A man came, dug around the roots, picked the blocked tree up, and placed it in the sunlight. Then the man went on living his life knowing he has a nice tree to provide shade for him when its hot.

Don't hesitate to help someone out, you may just make a friend.

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