Immortal Knights

Members- Total of 3 Members

Note: For Scouts and those people struggling on rule #4 please check the bottom of the page.

Rank(what to put in your tag)- members of that rank

Founder(FDR)- IIxNoxidexII

Legend 2(LGD)- 

Legend 1(LGD)- WarSlayer




King/Queen(King/Queen)- xXStormxShadowXx




Ranks (Abilities)

Founder- Same abilities as Legend and Leader has, but can make big changes such as kick members or start events such as wars/raids without starting a vote.

Legend 2- Same abilities as Leader but can also manage the site.

Legend 1- Same abilites as Co-Legend but are respected and trusted more highly.

Leader(most people assume the founder leads events like raids and raid training, but I take take the Leader rank more serious than other clans I've seen. Leaders will usually do most of the leading in raid training, raids, and  some other events)-Same abilities as the King/Queen but can also lead raids and other events with the clan or allies. Also they can vote/start votes to make big changes in the clan such as kick members or declare war with another clan. A vote should consist of at least 5 members at/above the rank of Leader(If there are less than 5 people at or above the rank of Leader than everyone will have a say in it unless it's a vote to demote someone in that group, they can't vote for themself).

Co-Legend- Same abilities as King/Queen.

Co-Leader- Same abilities as King/Queen.

King/Queen- Same abilities as the Lord/Lady, but can demote members.

Lord/Lady- Same abilities as the Knight but can also rank and promote members.

Knight- Same abilities as the Page, but they can also help the clan out with events such as tournaments and raids(By help out I mean they can suggest about the set up of raids and tournaments in the guestbook and also can participate in them. they can host tournaments, but not raids).

Page- Can recruit(but not rank) new members. They should only recruit if they aren't training with their trainer to become a Knight.

Ranks (How to get them)

Founder- The person who formed the clan or people that I trust with the clan

Legend 2- Members that used to be a Leader and I now trust them with the site

Legend 1- Members that used to be a Co-Legend and I now trust them

Leader- Co-Leaders that have worked hard enough to be promoted to Leader

Co-Legend- Kings/Queens that aren't the leading type and are working to be promoted to Legend 1

Co-Leader- King/Queens that show leadership and are on their way to being a Leader

King/Queen- Lords/Ladies that show loyalty

Lord/Lady(There should always be at least 5 members at this rank or above not including me. This means that the first 5 members to join should be given this rank no matter their skill in fighting. And if one leaves to make the # of members at or above this rank below 5, than a person below this rank can be promoted to this rank depending on the Immortals' thoughts)-  People who show they are obidient, respectfull, good fighters, put effort into their work, are good recruiters, and are active

Scouts(Scouts don't wear the rank "Scout" in their tags because scouts are just Knights and Pages, so they should be wearing one of those ranks in their tags)- (The Badge System below only applies to this rank)- Knights or Pages training to become Lords/Ladies

Knight(Yes a knight would seem like a higher rank than a scout, but what else would you call someone who is training and recieves badges for their accomplishments, if you have any suggestions about this region of the ranks tell me in the guestbook)- People who have just joined and know how to fight

Page- People who have just joined and need to be trained to fight

The Badge System

As said above, this section is for the Scout rank 

Everytime you show one of the traits of the rank above your own a Lord/Lady or above will promote you, and you will earn a bage of the trait you've shown.

Below is a list of each Scout and their Badge

-No Scouts yet

Path of Enlightenment Group(PoE)

One of the quotes I live by, and hope everyone will live by is: "I'd rather live like there is a punishment of eternal torture for doing bad things this in this life and find out there isn't than do bad things and find out there is". Here I will list the people in IK that are trying to overcome their instincts of trash talking and swearing. I used to trash talk and swear, so I know that it's hard to change. For the people in this group, I would ask for them to wear a PoE tag somewhere in their clan tags. It's optional to wear the PoE tags though, so don't feel you have to remove any important tags to fit this one in. So if anyone sees someone that's on this list in game, be sure to give them a smile and a warm welcome.

-No one's in this group yet :)

IK Group

Ok, so I know IK has had A LOT of problems with inactivity, so I am making a group section of IK. To join sign the guestbook saying I'd like to join the IK group. If you join, this means you can be in the IK group and be in another clan. The difference between a group and a clan if you don't know already is that a clan is a group of people loyal to that group, fighting against or with other groups of people that call themselves clans. A group is a group of people trying to make a certain thing be popular in sherwood or a movement(like OH, they're trying to get honorable fighting popular). The thing that IK is trying to get popular is the clan. So if you like active clans, and you think that the rules of IK and the way IK works is a good clan that fits you I made this group so when we get enough people that are active and want IK to be a successful clan, I'll close the group and everyone in the group will be in IK, but I'll make sure everyone is ready to convert to IK when I choose for everyone to. This doesn't mean I'm closing off the clan section of IK, people can still choose to be only in the clan of IK, and I'll still be updating the site and stuff just as I did before, I'm just adding this group.

Members of the IK Group-


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