Immortal Knights

Fighting Tips(The basic fighting are highlighted. The advanced fighting tips aren't).

Fighting Controls:

Weapons- Two longswords are the best weapons to learn the timing of because they block and hit faster than any other weapon.

Normal attack- Press ctrl.

Block- Hold shift and ctrl.

Pm(power move)- Hold ctrl and press either x,v,c,z,a, or (space), this requires a certain level to do these, but if you type /help in game, you can see these levels.

Talisman(Tally)- Press (tab). To do this quickly, hold a block and then press tab in the middle of your block, remember that it does more damage if your opponent is blocking.

Advanced Fighting:

Charges- If someone fails to orb, than the other person's next normal hit or pm will do double damage.

Note- To get rid of your charge you have to either hit the opponent with a normal hit or pm, and same goes for your opponent.

Blocking Tally- If on your screen, you get hit by a tally while you are blocking, than the opponent's tally does 1/3 more damage than if you are standing or attacking.

Orb hits- When you hit your opponent with a pm or normal hit and the circle shoots out of your opponent, than they won't get a charge even if they block it on their screen. This doesn't always work for normal hits because of computer differences with normal hits.

Computer differences with normal hits- Notice how when you hold ctrl, you don't do the same attack every time, and some other hits hit the opponent slower than other hits. Well on the opponents screen your hit sometimes shows up as a different normal hit than on your screen. This makes what most people call "Ghost Hits" possible. This is when you do a normal hit, and a normal hit that takes a shorter time to hit them is on their screen. If this happens and the person blocks it on their screen, but you blocked before the hit on your screen hit the opponent, they will NOT get a charge.

Computer differences- Notice how sometimes you hit people even when the circle doesn't shoot out of them... Well that's because to hit someone, your computer needs to communicate with the opponents computer through the internet to load the hit on their screen and load whether or not they got a charge from that attack, and then the opponent's computer needs to communicate with your comuter through the internet to load whether or not they got hit, and whether or not you gave them a charge. So there's a lot going on with the internet during fights, so if someone has a slow internet connection, the hits load slower, and you maybe can't orb hit them. This is called delay. And sometimes someone's sreen is freezing, this is called lag. Theres a lot to computer differences but this is the best I can explain it. If you have any suggestions on rephrasing this, or anything else please post it in the guestbook please.

Note- whether or not someone gets hit is decided by the defender's screen, not the attacker's screen.

Fake Hits- normal hit to make your opponent block, then time your pm. You might not want to do this if you think you have a charge.

Speed Block#1- hold shift and press ctrl when your feet touch or you can hold the block for longer if you need to, this speed block is used when your opponent dont have their pm or talli, because you heal faster than speed block#2.

Speed Block#2(Half hits)- hold ctrl and press shift, this is a quicker reset I think, but it doesnt let you heal as much, so use it when you are expecting a pm or when your at full health.

Long/Speed Block(This block is hard to time, but not if you do it all the time)- Do a long block, then when you are starting the second block, stop and then do a speed block.

Blind Spots- Blind spots are when the opponent's avatar is looking away from your avatar (considering you are facing eachother). If you hit the opponent when ON THEIR SCREEN they are looking away from you, it does double damage.

Note- If you have a charge and you land a blind spot you only do double damage (the bonuses don't add together).

Note- when the opponent does a talli or pm do yours soon after so when your pm/talli is almost up, you know theirs is almost too, then start using speed block#2, but if they have their talli up, stand still so it does less damage.

Note- To balance fighting, while keeping the aspect of sherwood where you can level up and get more health and damage so fighting monsters is easier at higher levels of the dungeon, Gene Endrody (the one and only creator of Sherwood Dungeon) made it so that in pvp, if your opponent is a higher level than you, you do more damage but take more damage because you have lower health. If your opponent is lower level than you, you do less damage but take less damage because you have higher health. This is to keep pvp fully based on skill, and not have anyone get any advantages.

Note- the letters in "Sherwood," above your name represents every 12.5% of your max heath.

Note- There are many different types of hits when you just press ctrl, one of them is a slow attack where you do almost a 360 with your blade, and then come back around. This attack takes very long, so you mostly don't want to follow through with the full hit. you should either block right when it hits the opponent, or block when you're arm starts getting momentum (half way to hitting the enemy). If you do this you have a 3/4 chance to do a ghost hit, the reason for this is because of computer differences with normal hits. This is explained in more detail above in the computer differences with normal hits section. 

Note- For fights with enough delay to make it so you can't orb hit them when they are speed blocking, there's two things you can do based on their fighting style. If they counter a lot, do an orb hit with your pm when they have their pm up, and then hopefully they will counter and get hit by your pm. When they counter, do a normal hit and you will do more damage total everytime you each get your pms up. If you try this strategy, make sure that you orb every time you do your pm first, don't let them mess you up by them switching the lengths of their blocks. And if they don't counter a lot, you can just time your pm, and if you fail to orb them, make sure their double damage hit is a normal hit rather than a pm.

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