Immortal Knights

The Immortals

The Immortals is a group of elite knights in IK that work together to improve IK in every way possible. They discuss everything in the "Immortal's Guestbook" page, but don't try to look at what they say if you're not in the Immortals because you have to be a member of the site to see what they discuss, and I control who's a member. To join this group you have to be either ranked Leader or Legend. So everyone else in the clan with the rank Knight and above can suggest topics for the Immortals in the "Public Guestbook" page for them to discuss in the "Immortal's Guestbook" page, but only the Immortals decide on what happens. If anyone in the Immortals are misbehaving, send me a private message in the chatbox. It says how to in the " Public Guestbook" page.




The Elite Immortals (EI)

These are Immortal's that time after time have just been the best to IK. To become an Elite Immortal, you have to do two things: 1 get approval of either an Elite Immortal that is a Leader or Legend #2. to post (and follow) this pledge on the Public Guestbook...

I,(your name) promise to never leave IK as long as Noxide, or any other present or future Leaders of IK are running the clan. To try to help out any and everyone, IK member or not, with training or any other troubles/things to improve on they may have. To recruit at my best capabilities. To point out if anyone (including Noxide or future leaders) is doing anything against the rules of IK, or if they are doing anything at all of negative concern or positive excitement. To be as active as possible according to my schedual. And to live up to and hold the title of "Elite Immortal" proudly and responsibly.





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Clan Base/Color

Clan Server: IK and all it's allies and enemies are in Emerald server

Clan Base: 52

Secondary Base:48

Clan Color: Gold

Secondary Color: Black

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Rules (Rule #2 only applies when the clan gets more active)

1. Listen to all higher ranks, they are trying to help, if you think they aren't come see me, post on the guestbook to discuss it, or say it at the event in rule #2.

2. Come to the weekly meetings every Friday at 5:00 PST (if you have any questions on this or can't make the meeting, explain it in the forums).

3. You have to understand Enlgish well enough to know what we are trying to tell you.

4.(This is a very important rule in IK) No swearing, trash talking, or any thing considered mean. This is a respectful clan. If you are struggling in this subject, but want to change, check the bottom of the "Members/Ranks" page. If you don't want to change, but want to be in IK, talk to me please and hopefully I can arrange something.

5. NEVER RUN FROM A FIGHT! This does include backing up. I don't care if the other team is running, or if you're surrounded by 50 million enemies, DO NOT RUN. There's no honor in running. Yes, it will help you survive longer, but if everyone did it no one would ever win wars. Just remember, if someone runs, they lose the fight.

6. NO HACKING! My reasons for this are similar to rule #5. It brings bad reputation to the clan and yourself. Also, there's no point in hacking. By hacking you're showing everyone that you can't defeat your enemies without cheating, and IK is not a cheating clan.

7. Don't ask for promotions constantly, like once a month you can ask for an update on how you're doing, but that's it. The only other way to "ask" for a promotion, is to just try to be noticed. Do your very best in recruiting, training, connecting with other clan members, and overall just improving IK AND yourselves. If you do that than I'm pretty sure that someone will notice you and promote you, but it all depends on how active we are.

8. If you have a comment or question, post it in the guestbook

9.(not required, but very helpful) If you decide to leave IK, please provide me with the reason in the guestbook.

News & War Record

-Changed the template, backround and banner of the site.

-Check out the POE and IK Group at the bottom of the "Members/Ranks" Page.

Top Ten

Well instead of having a tournament to start the top ten, I'm just going to start it by my opinion. The rules are like a standard top ten... [2/3 fights, post top ten changes in the guestbook, challenge your way to the top, can skip one spot(like #10 can fight #8, and someone not on the list can fight #10 or #9)]

1. IIxNoxidexII (I didn't make me at the top because I think I'm the best, I'm not the kind of person that brags, or at least I try not to. I made me at the top because I think I'm the most active, and people will have more chances to take their rightfull spot at the top.)

2. WarSlayer

3. xXBoredXx

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